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P2.5 outdoor led display

Super fine pitch outdoor led display

super high resolution

over 5000nits brightness

private mould plastic sets

suitable for small to middle size led displays

  • Description

P2.5 outdoor led display

P2.5 outdoor led display is so far the smallest pixel pitch outdoor led display over 5000nits.

it can be used for LED signage or event rental led displays.

As a high end LED display design, it will lead the outdoor led dispaly into a fine pitch era.

Visualpower is proud to annouce our P2.5 outdoor led dispaly now is in batch production and proved to be stable.

The module size can do 160*160mm or 320*160mm, typical cabinet size is 640*640mm or other custom size(iron cabinet).

P2.5 outdoor LED display spesc

Model P2.5 outdoor led display
Pixel configuration SMD1415
Pixel pitch 2.5mm
Scan rate 1/16 scanning, constant current
Module size (W×H) 160*160MM or 320*160MM
Resolution per module W 64 x H 64pixels or W 128 x H 64pixels
Standard cabinet dimension(W×H×D) 640×640×130mm (Iron water-proof cabient)
Pixel resolution/cabinet (W×H) 256x 256pixels
Resolution/sqm 160,000dots/㎡
Minimum viewing distance Minimum 2 meters
Brightness 5200CD/M2
Gray scale 12 bit, 4096 steps
Color Number 687.1billion
Display Mode Synchronous with video source
Refresh rate ≥1920HZ
Viewing angle(degree) H/160,V/140
Temperature range -20℃ to +60℃
Ambient Humidity 10%-99%
Service access Rear
Standard cabinet weight 40kgs/㎡(iron cabinet)
Max.Power Consumption Max: 800w/sqm
Protection Level Front: IP65 Rear: IP54
Lifetime to 50% brightness 75,000hr
LED Failure Rate <0,00001
MTBF > 10.000 hours
Input power cable AC110V /220V
Signal input DVI


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