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P3.91 rideau LED transparent pour Switherland

Janvier 6, 2024 Nouvelles de l’entreprise Affichage LED transparent

Time:August, 2021

Location:Lausanne, Switherland

Display size:W10*H2.5m=25sqm

In Aug,2021 AV LEDSCREEN was honored to help a client in Switherland to provide a P3.91-7.8 high brightness transparent LED curtain display which was installed in a big shopping mall in Lausanne, which is a beautiful city by the lake of Geneva.

The whole display is split and embedded inside five windows each window W2*H2.5m. each LED panel size is W1000*H500mm, which can fit right into the window frame.

the product uses frameless design, which maximally ensures the transparency.

The display was originally designed to face outside, but due to local light pollution law, finally the display faced inside, but due to the high brightness over 5000nits design, the color is very crystal and vivid.

This display can be used for festival celebration, daily advertisement and inner decoration.

The end customer was happy with the result.


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