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LED poster display

1) Support Iphone, Ipad, Android cellphone APP for remote or wireless control.

2) Ultra slim only 70mm thickness

3) Easy to move around

4) Suitable for chain stores, famous brands advertising

5) No need to set program, plug and play

6) Support all types of installation way: on the ground, hanging up or on the wall

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  • Description

LED totem display/LED poster or LED advertising machine

LED totem display or LED advertising machine or LED poster or LED kiosk was traditionally made by LCD displays. with the growing market demand for high brightness and water-proof displays and advertising machine, LED display is widely used. also with the dropping of the price of LED displays, now LED advertising machine is affordable and widely used.

LED poster display series is specially designed for this application.

Chain stores, centres commerciaux, small shops can all have this to publish new products update, expand their brands or show industrial news.

It is very easy to use and no need special technics, simply plug and play, and use your cellphone to send program to it.

It is even more convenient than a TV.

Each LED poster can be working independently, or several pieces can be put together incascading wayto form a whole image.


The Control system supports cellphone APP, Laptop software control. and many pcs in different locations can be controlled by a cloud platform to send program remotely.



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