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P4.0 LED-Anzeige für die Vermietung im Freien

P4 outdoor rental led display Features:

High brightness up to 6000nits.

fine pitch of 4.0mm

Geeignet für 24/7 use

turn down brightness, it can be used also for indoor led videowalls

precise mold and easy to assemble

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P4 outdoor rental led display

P4.0 mm outdoor rental led display is a stable design for outdoor event rental application.

Compared to P3.91, P4.81 or other close pitch, it can reach higher brightness of 6000nits.

This is because the scan rate, P4.0 is 1/8 abtasten, while P3.91 outdoor is 1/16 abtasten, and P4.81 is 1/13 abtasten.

This is decided by the PCB design and led modules mold design.

Why Choose P4 outdoor rental led display

So if you want a 24/7 use led display either for event rental or advertising use, P4.0 is a still a good choice.

So far all the pixel pitch below 4mm can not reach 6000nits, because smaller pitch, higher density of LED lamp and easier to generate more heat.

So far, limited to the LED chip technology, fine pitch outdoor led displays all can not reach too high brightness.

So 4.0mm is a separation line for high brightness outdoor led displays.


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