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Energiesparende LED-Anzeige für den Frontservice im Freien

Energy saving


Slim and light weight

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Outdoor Energy saving and front service LED display is a unique product series of visualpower.

Compared to common LED displays, its circuit design is specially designed and use different voltage for differnet color LED chips, thus can save about 2/3 power energy.

With front service module design which can be detached by hex wrench, it can be widely used for middle to big size outdoor LED signs which are fixed on the wall or there is limited space behind the LED display.

The cabinet can use 960*960mm aluminum-magnesium die casting type which support both hanging and stacking installation. and the cabinet structure can be modifed to make perimeter sports LED tickers(remarks: if do perimeter with this cabinet, the modules will be back service, the front service type module does not have soft rubber mask).

Or for fixed installation, can also consider to do it iron cabinet with closed housing.


Outdoor front service energy saving aluminum-magnesium die casting cabinet series

Modell P5.9 Platz 8 Platz 10
Pixel-Konfiguration SMD2727 SMD3535 SMD3535
Pixelabstand 5.9259Mm 8.00Mm 10.00Mm
Scan-Rate 1/7Abtastung, Konstantstrom 1/3 Abtastung, Konstantstrom 1/2 Abtastung, Konstantstrom
Modulgröße (B×H) 320*320MM 320*320MM 320*320MM
Auflösung pro Modul W54 x H 54pixels B40 x H 40Pixel B32 x H 32Pixel
Standard-Schrankabmessungen(W×H×D) 960×960×120mm 960×960×120mm 960×960×120mm
Pixelauflösung/Gehäuse (W×H) 162 x 162pixels 120 x 120 Pixel 96 x 96 Pixel
Auflösung/m² 28,459dots/㎡ 15,625 dots/㎡ 10,000 dots/㎡
Minimaler Betrachtungsabstand Minimum 5 Meter Minimum 8 Meter Minimum 10 Meter
Helligkeit 5500-6000CD/M2 5500-6000CD/M2 6000-6500CD/M2
Graustufen 14Bit 14Bit 14Bit
Anzeige-Modus Synchron mit der Videoquelle Synchron mit der Videoquelle Synchron mit der Videoquelle
Aktualisierungsrate ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ
Betrachtungswinkel(Grad) H/140,V/120 H/140,V/120 H/140,V/120
Temperaturbereich -20°C bis +60°C -20°C bis +60°C -20°C bis +60°C
Luftfeuchtigkeit in der Umgebung 10%-99% 10%-99% 10%-99%
Zugang zum Dienst Vorder- Vorder- Vorder-
Standardgewicht des Gehäuses 30kgs/㎡ 30kgs/㎡ 30kgs/㎡
Working Voltage DC R2.8V+GB3.8V DC R2.8V+GB3.8V DC R2.8V+GB3.8V
Working Current 3.5A+4.9A 3.8A+4.6A 3.7A+4.9A
Max. Stromverbrauch 570W/m² 570W/m² 570W/m²
Ave. Power consumption 150W/m² 145W/m² 150W/m²
Schutzniveau Vorder-: IP65 Rear: Schutzart IP54 Vorder-: IP65 Rear: Schutzart IP54 Vorder-: IP65 Rear: Schutzart IP54
Lebensdauer bis 50% Helligkeit 75,000Hr 75,000Hr 75,000Hr
LED-Ausfallrate <0,00001 <0,00001 <0,00001
MTBF > 10.000 Stunden > 10.000 Stunden > 10.000 Stunden
Eingangs-Stromkabel AC110V /220V AC110V /220V AC110V /220V
Signaleingang DVI (DVI) DVI (DVI) DVI (DVI)


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