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Kalibrierung der LED-Anzeige

Januar 6, 2024 Neuigkeiten aus der Branche

Why fine pitch LED displays need calibration?

LED display is made of tens of thousands of LED pixels, some large area even tens of millions of LED pixels. Especially fine pitch LED displays now the pixel pitch can reach 0.9mm or even smaller.

The LED chip and encapsulation is hard to ensure the uniformity of so many pixels, and people’s eyes can tell even more high density of pixels, minor issue of color difference can be recognized especially when people look close to the LED display.

By calibration, it can use industrial level cameras and algorithm and professional software to make the whole display color maximumly uniform.

Calibration can also solve the mosaic, module gap bright line and other minor issues.

For COB or GOB LED displays, because of the module PCB printing issue or the glue issue, or the chip encapsulation issue, calibration can increase the color quality dramatically.

Can all modules be calibrated?

So far mainly fine pitch LED displays need calibration. And the Module PCB needs Flash memory chip on board. After calibration, all the modules need to be numbered and marked and put in the same position.

In the future if change a new module, also need to resend the calibration data.

This is kind of trouble, but necessary, and it does not need to change the modules all the time.

Visualpower fine pitch 600-337.5mm series LED display all use specially designed module PCB with flash memory, and private mold cabinet, and connection parts. With hard connection, can be very good flatness and color uniformity.

The common mold cabinets and modules are without flash memory chip on board and without calibration, and mostly flexible connection by ribbon cables and 5V cables, the flatness and color uniformity is not so good.

Does calibration affect the product price?

Ja!, with calibration, not to say the extra labor cost and settings, the hardware also needs flash memory, which also increases the product cost.

Does calibration needs special dark room to do it?

Ja, to avoid environment light and other factors, calibration must be done in a dark room.


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