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Geometrische LED-Anzeige

Januar 6, 2024 Neuigkeiten aus dem Unternehmen

Was ist eine geometrische LED-Anzeige??

“Geometrisch” ist ein ma-thematisches Konzept, d.h. alle Arten von 2D- oder 3D-Formen.

Durch die Einführung dieses Konzepts auf LED-Displays, now we can do almost any shape of led displays.

This is a revolutionary concept of geometric led display, because most led displays now are just 2D common rectangle and square shape.

But with our R&D experience, now any shape led display is possible.

such as triangle shape

Geometric led display

round shape led display

Geometric led display

Column shape led display

Geometric led display

Und so weiter.

Any 2D or 3D shape led displays are no problem for us now.

There is nothing we can not do, but only things that you can not imagine!


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